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In other words.

Hrm. Just finished watching this clip and just have a couple things to say. It’s an interesting concept. Kind of like John Cage (love the commotion in between each movement.) except more visual. The images of the veterans are enough and provoking. However, it seems like there’s more focus on trying to gain popularity and hype which really takes the meaning away from me.  The fact that it was made into a single is quite unnecessary. I think I’d give it a 4/10.



I absolutely adore the vibe that I get from this group. Dressed well, great music, and cool videos. They are, Golden Silvers.


Wednesday Forecast – miike Snow for a diesel winter/fall

So I must’ve been really tired because normally I’m very aware or paranoid when I’m on the bus to make sure I get to the stops I need to. But tonight, I closed my eyes, randomly waking at stops that weren’t mine, fell asleep, and woke up to surroundings that were unfamiliar to me. Next time, I must fight to stay awake. A long Wednesday it was indeed and the best way to unwind: some music and pictures.

Miike Snow – Burial

Miike Snow – Black and Blue

Miike Snow – Sylvia (Live and amazing.)

From Diesel fall/winter “be stupid” – by Nirrimi (the photog for Brooke Fraser)


non diesel but just loved the energy: