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Please Watch.

I love multifunctional designs. Always so amazing and so intriguing.

And. Despite it’s eerie factor, this is some kick-ass-detailed-3-D-paper art-stop motion clip. More of the Anderson M Studio projects here.

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Dreamy WINterior and Desserts!

Doesn’t that sofa just look so damn dreamy and fluffy?! It’s called the Howard chair. Still trying to figure out where and how I can view more. Anyways, I love that it’s so clean and inviting. Not sure if I would ever invest into a white couch, especially when I have a family. But perhaps when I’m on my own and have more responsible guests and friends over, it wouldn’t be so bad. Just one rule: no foods on the couch. Gah, I want it so badly.


I’m not a big fan of cheese but this table is so simple and alluring that I’d try to try to have some.

And this sweet vintage table. Dreaminess in reality. And the cookies.


respectively [Scandinavian Chic, Sunday Suppers, and SMP]

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