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I wish in my closet were…

Too bad it’s raining all day.


But since it’s raining…

umbrellas for shoes. how interesting. it comes with it’s own zipper case so that you can carry it around and always have it available when it rains when you didn’t expect it. also on a rainy day, you can still wear your choice of shoes while in the rain, but take it off once you’re inside to show your shoes off.  don’t know if i’d actually buy one of these but the company who came up with it is sure brave. i wish their colors weren’t so bold (although their lime isn’t) and wish that they didn’t write shuella on all three velcro closures.  then i’d definitely buy ’em. love the idea and style but not the colors.

red dress shoppe; funktional via need supply

need supply; bensimon via  habitatshoes

shuella via whatapair


Hello World!

I’ll just keep that default title up there.

So this is my blog, where I will just post up all things design that I like – fashion, weddings, illustrations, interior, and the list continues. Also throw in occasional music and photography posts into the mix. This blog was also created to help keep my sanity as I filter through and save all of my favorites from the blogs I read and sites I visit. Since I don’t have enough memory on my computer to save all the neat treasures I find and being that the internet has an unlimited amount of space, this blog seemed quite appropriate. I hope anyone that visits enjoys these posts. Let’s get started!

This post is in particular to the this & that from Oh Joy!. What a fantastic idea, matching fashion and interior together to complete a vision. If you want to find out more about each this & that, simply click on the image and it shall take you to the complete blogpost.

Some of my faves that I’ve seen thus far.

Going to keep it fairly simple today instead of overloading on images from ten million blogs.