My forecast for Spring/Summer/Fall? 2011.

I’m still not entirely sure what the deal is in the fashion world (still haven’t checked much of the 2011 stuff out although I got to take a peek at J. Mendel’s 2011 and it’s so far a beaut! nor have I really walked into stores to shop), but I have this inkling that the drapey, long, and flowy dresses are going to be key. Note: drapey, long, flowy.  Long may be optional although preferred. I posted a few dresses by Juliette Hogan in this post, and I  feel like dresses much more similar to the grace style is going to be more accessible and trendier next year. Colors: Muted. Simple patterns – like a couple peacock feathers. Or maybe just a mix of two tones. Nothing flashy. Empire waste, no more. Maybe it already is and I’m just noticing that style. I guess the whole Boho style (remember the long dresses? yeah, the ones I never dared to try on because I’m short.) had been a short lived look but this time, it’ll be a quiet vengence… like a silent yet deadly fart. Haha. I’m not sure why I wrote that.  Viva la vintage/hipster!

I’m not going to read it over again, but I hope everything made sense.

Maybe something like this, but “silk”. It looks too stiff. And prettier colors so that you don’t look like you’re wearing a jungle.


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