I had a dream.

On Sunday morning,  I woke up and was frustrated because right before I woke up, I had seen a most adorable pie-cake. It had three tiers and lovely frosting on the edges with fruit.  I wish I got to look at it longer and most importantly, get a taste of it. Why is it that the sometimes, the best part of the dream is at the end right or you’re right in the middle of it before you wake up?  It’s like the brain knows it’s almost time to wake up and when you want to stay longer, it orders your eye to open and you’re forced to realize that none of that was real. Brain:1-Christina:0

But, luckily for me, I hadn’t personally seen a wedding piecake before but I knew it must’ve existed. So many people want to have different things for their weddings and I sometimes feel like everything possible has been done already.

I was going to sketch it out but this picture that I found online will do. Mine was cuter but this one’s real and was probably really delicious. It’d be something nice to have for a farm/barn themed wedding or for the fall. Mmmm. Pumpkin and apple pies!

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