WAHHHHH-dding wear.

Alright. So today I was at this super mini bridal show at a mall in Queens which held an event. During the event, I had to man our photography booth and because everyone was at the event and I was just sitting there, I picked up bridal magazines and started flipping through them. I haven’t looked at wedding goodies in a while (even blogs!) and it felt nice just to flip through the pages while sipping on my hot cocoa. If I ever get around to it, I’d like to post up some of my ideas for wedding accessories, but right now isn’t the time. What I wanted to post up are some of these chic bridal-wear from Amsale.

My two faves from their gown collection:

Seriously, I remember looking through wedding magazines a couple years back and looking through ugly ass bridesmaids dresses thinking that they were more appropriate for a 90’s prom but I must say, so many designers have stepped up their game! They’re definitely less cheesy and perfect for modern brides. Unless they want the cheesy kind of wedding. I think the last two are my faves. But I’d wear any of them. Dear friends, will you hurry up and get married so I can be a bridesmaid and wear one of these lovely dresses? I also think that instead of wearing bridal-esque gowns to award shows, celebs should wear bridesmaids-esque ones. Just way more svelte and flattering than having a huge princess gown-ish thing on.

And these are from their little white dress collection. So perfect for summer.

I cry because I have no use for these dresses just yet. All I can do is save them to my computer and look at it. Sigh.

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