Wednesday Forecast – miike Snow for a diesel winter/fall

So I must’ve been really tired because normally I’m very aware or paranoid when I’m on the bus to make sure I get to the stops I need to. But tonight, I closed my eyes, randomly waking at stops that weren’t mine, fell asleep, and woke up to surroundings that were unfamiliar to me. Next time, I must fight to stay awake. A long Wednesday it was indeed and the best way to unwind: some music and pictures.

Miike Snow – Burial

Miike Snow – Black and Blue

Miike Snow – Sylvia (Live and amazing.)

From Diesel fall/winter “be stupid” – by Nirrimi (the photog for Brooke Fraser)


non diesel but just loved the energy:

One Comment to “Wednesday Forecast – miike Snow for a diesel winter/fall”

  1. Diesel is sooo weird. Yeah, their product is pretty stellar, but sometimes I just can’t stand the way they advertise….really Diesel? Really?? A camera to the head like that?

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