“A Press Kit For Our Loveeeeeee”

So I forget which tweet I saw and whom it was from but that doesn’t matter right now. What matters is this:

A thoughtful, tough-to-beat wedding invite to each of their guests. I wish I was one to receive!

Can’t update or say much more atm. But more pics here.


2 Comments to ““A Press Kit For Our Loveeeeeee””

  1. Are you kidding me with that invite? Ok, I might sound like a brat, but now that I’m planning my own wedding, I finally understand HOW MUCH THINGS COST and what you have to do in order to make budget. To do something of this caliber for just an invite, probably means there are only 17 people invited. hAHAHAHA. Swear. Anything that is extra crafty? There is hardly a guest list. Even DIY stuff is expensive. booooo. Why cant venues be free???

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