Pittsburgh. Picsburgh. Pitchburg.

So last weekend, my friend and I went to Pittsburgh to see Juliana Theory’s last concert. ‘Twas a journey but not so much as those that traveled from Oklahoma and Texas. That’s dedication. Anyways, here are the pictures.

finally in pittsburgh! look at the homes!

yellow bridge.

i wish i got to stay longer in this part of pittsburgh.

wall art at "the strip" - a couple of blocks of ghettoness where random mix of shops are set up.

lemonade stand.

more wall art at the strip

killing time with sudoku at mcd's.

the altar bar!

waiting on the line.

so close to getting inside. they pushed the show back an hour.

the stage. 10 for Emotion is Dead Anniversary!

he was so intense.

one of my fav pics.

he has gargantuan hands.

these guys were a riot.

joshy. 😀

why is josh so charming?

someone's covering josh.

2 Comments to “Pittsburgh. Picsburgh. Pitchburg.”

  1. you finally went to pittsburgh!

    i love where your blog’s going. much better than the previous others
    keep at it =]

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