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The rain is here to replenish the drought in my wallet.

It looks like the rain this week was casting a forecast on the great movie deals that’s been going on lately!
A friend shared a link on my wall for a $20 for 4 movie tickets and I completely forgot about it and missed the deal. So today in the morning I was scouring the internet for that same deal and I found a link that stated $18 for 4 tickets! Seriously it’s such a great deal. Just click here (I promise no phony links!) to be a part of the deal. So maybe my wallet won’t be replenished but this deal is still going to help keep something in my wallet. Sweet.

In wedding news:
I stumbled upon this awesomely awesome DIY cake decor that is just awesome. Did I mention that it was awesome? It’s actually quite simple but looks so good! Tasty to the eyes and the tummy.

click the pic for instructions!

[via Wedding Chicks]


The sound of running through a forest is so catchy.

“If I were to describe the sound of this album, I would say it sounds like you’re running through a forest and then you were walking through a river and then you were rolling through a field and then you’re jumping on a trampoline into a bowl of caramel.”

I really think that this single is almost exactly how she describes it. And I really really like it! Not a big fan of the lyrics but tune is so catchy. Definitely different from the Albertine album although I liked the lyrics in that album better. But me gusta these songs below.

Something in the Water – she has an official music video for this song but I liked this video better. Can’t wait to see the album shots though. And to find out who the photographer is… This song reminds me of summer, and now that it’s gone, I feel like I can hold on and reminisce to that breezy feeling through it.

May Waltz – a nice mellowed out song to hear at the end of the day when coming home to see the ones you love after a long day of work.

Note to self: I will start with wedding posts next week.


Polaroid 195.

Found it on craigslist.  It’s a classic high-end advanced folding polaroid camera that made it’s debut in 1974. Drool. It uses pack film – the ones where you peel apart the negative once the picture is ready. Isn’t that neat? I’m still learning about cameras and all its technical terms so can’t really say much more. One day, if I ever become a professional, then I’ll go out and purchase one for myself.  Wish I was born in the 70s. But then, I probably would’ve wished I could’ve afforded it. Ha!

If anyone is interested: