favorite foto finds.

I wanted to do one of those alliterated titles. And today is the day. But why couldn’t there be a day in the week that started with a ‘P’? Like Ponday or Puesday, Pednesday, Phursday, and Priday (haha, that sounds like the way my non-english speaking mom would say it.) Or maybe photography could’ve started with an ‘F’. Fotos. Fotons. Fotography. Phonetically, photography would be spelled fuhtahgruhfee. Or maybe it’s just my phonetic spelling. It’s a good thing we don’t spell things phonetically. So, I’m afraid my strange thoughts have started to spill out on this blog.

Moving on.

Before I get to the main focus of this post, I just wanted to show off this cute little boy that I found. Blue tee and pants with suspenders and boat shoes! I’m not a relative nor do I actually know this kid but found him via Ruffled. I saw a delicious cake with no mention of the vendor so I hit the link to the photographer’s site in hopes of finding out the cake vendor when this darling little boy with his blue eyes was on my screen instead. Alright. I will stop now before I come off as a creeper… or is it already too late?

He wins the little kids style awards for the week. 😀

He’s the nephew of The Lang Photographers. Unfortunately, no details of the cake vendor found. 😦 Poop.

Alrighty now. Since I’m trying to get more into the wedding biz, all of these photos will be wedding related. Today’s pictures are from the reception – dance faces.





via snippet and ink


via snippet and ink

So many great photographs. I wonder what’s in store for next week!

Sigh. I can’t wait to get started with wedding photography. Or planning.

**links to photographer’s blogs when image is clicked.**

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