Posts I liked so far.

If you want to view the entire post, feel free to click on the images.  Feeling a little lazy (and I’m gonna head out to the gym soon too, ha!). Can I justify my laziness and say that I’d like to keep the post clutter-free with only a few pictures?

Stylist B(eth) Jones via Niki of World in a Paper Cup

Little Miss Moffatt via Chaunielle Brown of  The Luxe Obsessions

The next one is a different from the previous two but it caught my attention. Mostly due to the photography:

Erkan Coruh via Beautiful Absurdity

figured I should keep my words to a limit after the embarrassing post from the morning. 😀

going off on a tangent again but I just used the skype-like gmail phone and it’s pretty cool. because it’s for free (within USA) and skype isn’t.

One Comment to “Posts I liked so far.”

  1. OH lovely!! You really did see Bjones!! Beth is the best friend to my good friend Sara. She is really great…

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