Good Morning!

So, nothing new has been going on. I’m just. I’m still waking up. It’s only Wednesday. The Mizzle of the week. Did I just write that? Ok.

Alright. I don’t feel like thinking much on this Wednesday morning so just gonna put up some visuals that will do the thinking for me:

by misterbisson via mrs.lemons

Ok. Scratch that. Just that one picture. I was gonna post up some of my favorite wedding pictures but I want to do a favorite photographers post later this week.

On another note: If anyone needs some Asian inspirations or resources for their weddings or want to share their Asian inspiration, check out Asian Inspired Weddings. It’s a fairly new blog which started in the summer of 2010 by Kim Liu.  It’s her outlet for her wedding obsession after she recently got married… well in the summer of 2010.

And I leave with a quote suiting the picture above:

“Math is easy; design is hard.”

— Jeffrey Veen

Maybe Jeffrey Veen was very good at math because I think both are equally difficult.

Gosh, what a scatterbrained post. I’m gonna do another post later because this is just a piece of crap.

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