I’m a rockin’ robin.

So I’m falling into the blackhole that is found in the twitterverse as I figure out a way to help market and bring exposure to the photographer that I intern for (Tae Photography) and I’m just obsessed – whether it’s discovering people in the market or just trying to figure out how exactly to use the thing.  It’s so amazing but also entirely confusing because there’s probably an etiquette one follows and I might not know them. I’m just troubled. That is all. Streams of tweets flowing with so many goodies and I don’t have to time to click and check ’em all and it’s just, a little overwhelming. Probably because I just want to absorb every little bit of every tweet. And if anyone understand how twitter works, a little help please.

Anyways, so through tweeting and blogging, I found a bridesmaids collection by 57Grand and I must say, some of their stuff are really nice – my faves being Beekman, Orchard, and Riverside.  Must click.

Just wanted to keep a note for myself and whoever else that stumbles on this blog. 😀

One Comment to “I’m a rockin’ robin.”

  1. Hi Christina, glad you like our look!

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