My new everyday new thing to do.

So since there’s so many blogs out there and to be honest, I was afraid of information overload, I kind of stayed away from adding any more to my blogroll that I already had. However,  yesterday and today proved me wrong. There are just so many visually stunning and amazing posts that I just cannot stay away from. That and probably a lot of awesome bloggers that I’m preventing myself from getting to know. My new finds were Donut Soup & Zested. So my new thing to do everyday is to find a blog (or two) a week and just submerge myself in the blog goodies.

Haha. Alright. Well the pictures I’m posting up are from my friend’s nephews 1st birthday party. He’s got this super serious face all the time which is a little intimidating but still so adorable. I got to be the photographer for the day 😀

ps. dear mac users, i edited this on my pc. sure looks different on a mac.

2 Responses to “My new everyday new thing to do.”

  1. CHRISTINA!!!! OMG!!! You are so sweet! I can’t believe you mentioned me, thats really nice….check out, I just posted about you…. 🙂


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