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Looking for the right flats (well anything) is quite difficult. But some cute ones I found:

and just for kicks:

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I’m on a hunt.

So I was at B&N today and I happened to check out the reading glasses while on the line to pay. Normally I don’t because I don’t need one to read but I’m glad I did.  I found what you see below:

It’s like one of those glasses you see on a CIA agent or on a man from the 50s or 60s.  So cool. Must find something similar to these. I actually bought one on a whim, hoping that when I got home it’d fit (the mirror on the glasses stand was warped) perfectly but to my dismay, it was big. Gotta return it and set myself out on a hunt for a similarly splendid eyeglass!


lean green serene

haven’t liked green in a while but now my eyes are just drawn to it. my desktop and the post-its on it are green. maybe it’s because when someone says green, i imagine elongated ee’s and i picture a nice big smile. but perhaps it’s also because i’ve been feeling quite sluggish because of the heat and maybe my brain needs some vibrant color to go about the day.

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