I wish it were all Myne and Because girls are just girls.

I think their flash intro is a teaser for their Summer 2010 Collection which needs a password. Drats. The first of these is from the intro, the rest from the Spring 2010 line.

Myne’s Spring 2010 Collection (and check out the others)

Now for the second half of the title:

Miranda Kerr in Elle June 2010

Although I’m dumbfounded, and I’m sure there will be many more of these moments when I find more of these stories, Miranda Kerr is writing a book on self-image because she’s someone that is insecure about her own body image. Perhaps the thought that she makes  a million and one girls out in the world jealous of her long legs, cute dimples, doe eyes, and everything else that she has just goes over her head. It just comes to prove that there is always going to be a girl that is prettier, smarter, and everything else compared to you. That’s why I try to stay out of the public eye for all those insecure ladies out there. (If sarcasm has not been detected yet, well. )

-via stylelist.com

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